This Mini Juice Supplement Pack is perfect for both new and regular Juice Lovers looking to supplement or enhance your daily diet! Consisting of 6 different flavors – each 250ml per bottle, the Mini Juice Supplement Pack also serves as a great introduction to our Juice Cleanse Programmes!

If you are new to Juice Cleansing, you may try our 250ml Supplement Pack to have a taste of organic cold pressed goodness for an insightful preview before deciding whether or not to embark on an actual Juice Cleanse journey with us.

However, if you are already an experienced regular, you may have our 250ml Supplement Pack as a Pre-cleanse or Post-cleanse diet to prepare your body for the upcoming cleanse or to transit healthily to your usual lifestyle.

Look no further as the Mini Juice Pack is an excellent thirst-quencher everyday, any day!



In your 250ml Supplement Pack:

  • Beauty Cleanse cooler bag
  • 6 x 250ml bottles of juices including 1 nut milk per day nutritionally formulated to supplement your daily needs of nutritions and vitamins
  • Juice Flavours will be in accordance with current Skinny Genes Cleanse Programme

Experience improved weight loss, high energy levels and enhanced well being with our 250ml Supplement Pack today!


Order now for just $39.90!

Prices excludes $15 Delivery Charges. For customisation of Juice Flavours, please drop us a call at 93717949.

Orders have to be placed at least 1 Day in Advance.

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Receive maximum absorption into your body’s bloodstream with five times more live minerals, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins from our juices, cold-pressed from a Norwalk Hydraulic Juice Extractor that uses 2 tons of hydraulic pressure. Give yourself a treat as you can be assured of an extremely delicious, cleaner and crisper sensation for your taste buds and satisfaction with how great you will look and feel!

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