At Beauty Cleanse, our aim is to provide you with a nutrient-packed, healthy and convenient juice plan that can be incorporated into your everyday life. So whether be it you are a stay-home mom, holding a 9-6 job or even a full-time student, these plans are all designed to suit your busy, modern lifestyles.

“We have laid out some simple yet effective guidelines before, during and after your Juice Cleanse to make the journey more enjoyable & efficient. Just leave the hard work to us and prepare to enjoy and benefit from the most nutritious & best-tasting juices.”


1. Pre-Cleanse


  • Reduce intake of the following to prepare your body at least 2 days before your cleanse:
    • Animal protein and processed foods
    • Salt, refined sugar, carbs, wheat, dairy
    • Carbonated sodas, coffee and other caffeinated drinks
    • Alcohol and nicotine
  • Introduce fresh fruits, raw greens and vegetables into your diet
  • Replenish! With at least 8 cups of water or herbal tea.
  • Avoid having a sumptuous big dinner the night before your Juice Cleanse starts, to minimize the initial side effects of the Cleanse on your first day.

  • Sweat it out! Exercise is always great especially jogging, swimming & yoga that can prepare the body effectively prior to detoxification.
  • Have a warm to hot bubble bath with some Epsom Bath Salt in the evening. It is a great and relaxing way that can ease the stress away, remove toxins from the body, improve skin structure, lessen swelling and relieve muscle pain & fatigue.
  • Positive thinking and work on your mindset to gear yourself for the Juice Cleanse journey ahead. Write down the goals you wish to achieve from the Juice Cleanse to remind, motivate and encourage yourself. Just as the saying goes:

‘Deal with your mind & your body will follow’.


2. During Cleanse


  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before you consume any of the juices. This would allow your digestive system to start working efficiently while encouraging the initial release of toxins.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with many glasses of water or herbal tea in between the juices. Hydration is particularly essential during the cleanse process
  • To optimize the absorption of nutrients, drink each juice slowly rather than gulping it down. Juices should be consumed approximately two to three hours apart.
  • Dry brush in the morning, before your bath, shower and exercise as lymphatic massage helps to stimulate metabolism and detoxify your body.
  • Visiting the sauna or steam rooms can assist the body in mobilizing stored fat. Stored fats become water soluble around 42 degrees, which are then expelled via perspiration from your body.
  • Continue to exercise during your cleanse, such as yoga, swimming, or brisk walking that can help boost detoxification and eliminate stagnant and stubborn toxins. But be careful to avoid strenuous activities.
  • Take hot and cold showers by alternating them. This will remove toxins in areas where blood circulation had been sluggish, by encouraging the flow of blood and lymph due to your vessels being dilated at higher temperatures.
  • Get a nice, relaxing massage focusing on the liver and head areas, which are beneficial to the detoxification process.

  • Have a warm to hot bubble bath with some Epsom Bath Salt in the evening. It is a great and relaxing way that can ease the stress away, remove toxins from the body, improve skin structure, lessen swelling and relieve muscle pain & fatigue.
  • You might experience some common detox symptoms such as sluggishness, restlessness, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, flu, breakouts, body aches and pains, irritability, insomnia, weakness, bloating and gas. Each person’s experience of detox symptoms will differ and vary but this means that your body is actually working to eliminate all the toxins. Hydration is thus key to support the body throughout the entire cleansing process. If your detox symptoms are unusual or you have any concerns about the side effects you may be suffering, please do consult your doctor immediately.
  • If you have chosen a cleanse plan without supplements and/or the colosan powder, we recommend a colon hydrotherapy or the use of enema kits to flush out stored up toxins and waste completely and effectively from the colon.
  • Willpower, determination and positive thinking are critical for a successful cleanse. Never fail to keep reminding yourself about how awesome and amazing you will look and feel after the cleanse. And if at anytime you feel like giving up, give us a call or drop us an email, we are here to encourage and finish this journey with you. So..

Look forward to a healthier, vibrant & radiant you!


3. After Cleanse


  • Break your cleanse gently by eating raw & light meals that are easy on your digestive system. Your digestive system is not ready for any heavy meals yet so remember this is not the time to indulge in a celebratory meal with your favorite food that you have been craving for.
  • Continue consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables even after you have completed your cleanse.
  • Now that you have achieved a NEW you, it is important to be mindful of what you put into your body after the cleanse. Listen to what your body tells you and resist all the unhealthy cravings as best as you can.


  • Some tips for easing into a healthier lifestyle without making any drastic changes can involve:
    • Replacing white rice and white bread with whole wheat
    and wild grain varieties
    • Replacing white sugar with brown sugar or honey
    • Staying away from processed food such as ham, bacon,
    luncheon meat, hot dogs, canned food etc
    • Choose organic whenever possible for both your fresh
    produce and meat
    • Stay away from fried food and always accompany a meal
    with a salad or fruits & veggies.


“Remember to always incorporate regular exercise
with a healthy diet & lifestyle even after your cleanse.
This has always been a full-proof method of looking & feeling great!”

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