Our Just Juicing range is perfect for anyone looking to supplement a regular diet, enhance an exercise regime, and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Order any of our daily juice supplies for a meal replacement, thirst-quencher, pre-cleanse and post-cleanse or even as an extra boost everyday, any day.

6 juices a day
and you are on your way
to a healthier, radiant,
glowing you!

Whether you’re trying cold-pressed fresh organic juices for the first time or want to have a regular intake of all the live and potent nutrients, vitamins, mineral, enzymes and goodness our juices have to offer, we want to make juicing as easy and convenient as possible for you.

  • You will receive 6 bottles of juices per day.
  • Choose the number of days you wish to order (maximum order subjected to 5 days worth of juices)
  • Choose from “Green Champions”, “BC Superstar”
    or “Trio Galore” packs.




1. Green Champions – from $89 per day

Hello Alkalinity, Goodbye inflammation! What better way to supplement your diet with The Green Champions that are packed with an abundance of chlorophyll to gear up your immunity and combat diseases.

  • 6 Chlorophyll-packed green juices per day
  • Essential for deep cellular rejuvenation and repair.
  • Balance your body’s pH levels by reducing acidity
  • Antioxidants promoting youthful complexion by neutralizing free radicals
  • Increased energy levels & healthy immunity

2. BC Superstar – from $95 per day

Walk down the red carpet shining from within with BC Superstar. The perfect way for you and your family (or friends) to try and experience our ALL-TIME FAVOURITE Skinny Genes Cleanse Plan without actually having to go on a cleanse. Healthy’s the new sexy so start drinking your way to a healthier, radiant, glowing you today!

  • 6 bottles of Juices including 1 nut milk per day
  • Best way to try our “Skinny Genes” cleanse plan without having to give up food
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Reduced appetite
  • Natural weight loss

3. Trinity Galore – from $69 per day

Juice Sync in trinity! Twin-packed juices of Spicy Lemonade, Green Champions and our all-time favourite *drum-roll* Cashew Nut Mylk. Green Champions for a hearty morning breakkie. Spicy Lemonade as a perfect thirst quencher or to curb any hunger pangs during noon time Cashew Nut Mylk to soothe and calm your body and mind before tucking into bed.

  • 2 Green Champions, 2 Spicy Lemonade, 2 Nut Mylk per day
  • “Green Champions” to kick start your Morning
  • “Spicy Lemonade” as a noon time perk me up
  • “Nut Mylk” for a sinless dessert before bedtime




Receive maximum absorption into your body’s bloodstream with five times more live minerals, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins from our juices, cold-pressed from a Norwalk Hydraulic Juice Extractor that uses 2 tons of hydraulic pressure. Give yourself a treat as you can be assured of an extremely delicious, cleaner and crisper sensation for your taste buds and satisfaction with how great you will look and feel!

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