Why are organic juices the best way to detox?

This is because most people will absorb far more nutrients from drinking juices than from eating food. Using nearly 2 tons of hydraulic pressure, (equivalent of 4000 pounds) from the Norwalk Juicer, our freshly cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices contain maximum nutrients and require very little digestive efforts. We only promise to give your cells what they assimilate best and that is why all our produce are 100% Organic with supplies varying from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Thailand, Malaysia and even our locally-grown farms.

The importance of fresh organic juices stems from the fact that they are full of fresh natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, sugars and probiotics in the appropriate proportions required for effectively rebuilding the body during a juice cleanse. These nutrients then enter our bloodstream rapidly and are absorbed by the body with ease, that which makes raw juices such a powerful alkalizing agent and detoxifier. Since juices also relieve our digestive systems from the hard work they have been doing previously, it frees up the body’s energy available for deep cleansing and regeneration of cellular activities.

Abstinence from food that is highly processed, preserved, chemically altered and sodium-laden will promote the natural healing of your body. Our nutritional juices specially prepared for you in mind are packed with superb nutrients, ensuring the highest biological quality food you can consume on this path to a renewed body and a healthier lifestyle.

And the exciting truth… Approximately 2lbs (1kg) of fresh, organic produce goes into your 17 oz. (500ml) Juices. Just imagine your body receiving a whopping 5kg worth of nutrients and live energy daily so you can go about your normal day-to-day activities as your body flushes away the toxins. Drinking just one of our juices puts you well on your way to meeting the daily-recommended intake of fruits & veggies. Oh, and our juices are freaking delicious too.

“Just imagine your body receiving a whopping 5kg worth of nutrients and live energy daily so you can go about your normal day-to-day activities as your body flushes away the toxins.”



What is “Cold-Pressed” using our
Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer?


“Cold-Pressed” refers to the method of making your juice. Our Norwalk Juicer is a hydraulic press juice extractor using approximately 2 tons of hydraulic pressure (equivalent to 4000 pounds) that has been rated by far THE BEST JUICER in the whole world for almost 75 years. Termed as the Rolls-Royce and Granddaddy of cold-pressed juicers, its uniqueness lies in its ability to produce consistently delicious, high-quality juices with clear superiority in the extraction of nutrient contents from the fruits and vegetables used:

Complete Extraction


Unlike other juicers, the Norwalk Juicer completely extracts juice and essential nutrients including vitamins, sugars, trace minerals, vital elements and enzymes. This is possible because of the juicer’s unique hydraulic pressure technology that exerts tremendous pressure to extract every ounce of goodness into your juice.

#2 Nutrients &
Enzymes are preserved


Because the cold-pressed method does not generate frictional heat that the blender or centrifugal juicer (most conventional juicers) does with their high-speed blade or centrifuge, vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes are not being destroyed. Your body can thus be assured that it is receiving the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients it is able to absorb.

#3 Kiss goodbye to Oxidation


The Norwalk is designed to provide oxidation free juice. This means better tasting and longer lasting juice. Oxidation causes decomposition that in turn reduces the life span of freshly made juices, even when refrigerated. When the oxidation factor is removed, juices can be stored for longer periods of time without spoilage of vitamins, enzymes & minerals while still tasting rich and delicious for your taste buds.

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