Bridal dress? Checked! Venue? Checked! Flowers? Checked! You are all ready for your BIG DAY and you want to look as divine & ravishing as possible. Well, you certainly can by giving your health and wellness a turbo boost with a “Bride-Me-Up” Juice Cleanse. Now you can drink your way to STUN the Runway, OOPS we mean aisle.

Grab your bridesmaids, partner and even groomsmen to join in the fun and receive a special ‘Bridal-Bonding’ rate. For more information on group rates email us at or call us at +65 9371 7949.


In your “Bride-Me-Up” Juice Cleanse Kit:

  • 6 bottles of juices including 1 nut milk per day nutritionally formulated to aid natural weight loss and nourish skin complexion
  • Laneige White Plus Renew Face Masks
    (2 packs for 3 day cleanse, 3 packs for 5 day cleanse)
  • Estee Lauder Eye Masks
    (1 pc for 3 day cleanse, 2 pcs for 5 day cleanse)
  • Epsom Bath Salt
  • Beauty Cleanse cooler bag
  • Supplements (if preferred) to further support your cleansing process: Flaxseed Oil, Pu-Erh Tea, Spirulina, Green Superfoods, Liver Support Capsules, Acai Berry, Colosan Powder
  • Uniquely designed Beauty Cleanse Booklet – guidelines & motivational quotes for your cleanse journey

Experience improved weight loss, radiant complexion, high energy levels and enhanced well being to attain your perfect Bridal Bliss Today!

3 days w/o Supplements (18 bottles) – $280
3 days w Supplements (18 bottles) – $285

5 days w/o Supplements (30 bottles) – $450
5 days w Supplements (30 bottles) – $460





Receive maximum absorption into your body’s bloodstream with five times more live minerals, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins from our juices, cold-pressed from a Norwalk Hydraulic Juice Extractor that uses 2 tons of hydraulic pressure. Give yourself a treat as you can be assured of an extremely delicious, cleaner and crisper sensation for your taste buds and satisfaction with how great you will look and feel!

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