“I’ve never felt more energized, hydrated, and cleansed. I was so proud of my waistline, the stubborn flab just below the belly-button was diminished. No fatty carbs and drinking a ton of water must’ve helped to flushed out all the toxins. This probably has a lot to do with the glow I saw on my face and skin on the third day. One of the biggest benefits I found from completing my cleanse was that it motivated me to stay on a healthy path for weeks afterward. Mentally, I was so rejuvenated by the 3 days I spent cleansing that the last thing I wanted to do was throw it all away.”

- Fay Hokulani (withlovefay)


“My wife and myself started the Beauty Cleanse 3 days Skinny Genes program and besides being able to reduce our targeted weight and achieve detoxification, we are very pleased and happy with the follow up and attention given to us by Beauty Cleanse”

- Terence & Juliana


“I was feeling so accomplished that I had successfully completed my 5-day juice fast! Woo hoo! And here’s the status quo:

1) Flatter tummy (My abs are slightly more define now! But would definitely need to perform more crunches to firm up the muscles!)
2) Smaller stomach capacity ( smaller appetite)
3) Radiant eyes
4) Feeling calm and at peace
5) Sharper and alert mind

Thank you so much Beauty Cleanse!”

- Deenise Yang


“Dear Beauty Cleanse Team,

Thanks so much for this amazing experience! I am really proud to have completed the 3-day cleanse!

The daily calls and helpful tips are indeed great motivation during the cleanse. First day was the worst for me, the second and third day were a breeze! I felt so much lighter and healthier now. And the best part is…I realised I can live without caffeine! I haven’t touch a drop of coffee since and am maintaining the 3kg weight loss.

This is my first ever juice cleanse but definitely not the last. I will be coming back for more :)

Thank you again!”

- Karen Chua


“My recent 5 day juice fast with Beauty Cleanse was such a breeze! Not my first time juice fasting but definately the easiest and most convenient. I saved so much time not having to shop/wash/prep/chop/juice/clean….and the juices were so fresh and delicious! Best part, i lost some of the weight i gained over the hols and felt really cleansed with high energy levels after that.”

- Sheryl Tan (eatgreencake)


“I was quite skeptical initially because I’ve never heard of a juice cleanse or done anything similar in the past. But I was so desperate wanting to get rid of all the unhealthy food that I’ve been eating in a fast way due to all the kilos I’ve piled on.  So I decided to try this out after some google-ling and I now believe this is the most effective health program out there. After going through a 5 day cleanse, many of my colleagues and friends complimented that I looked healthier and skinnier. Most importantly, I felt much cleaner and lighter, plus the weight loss stayed off and wasn’t just a temporary thing or losing of water weight that I thought it would be. Never have I been this satisfied with the way I looked and felt. It really works and I will be back for more, hopefully with some new friends to join in the fun with me.”

- Christine


“The first day was a challenge for a guy who always indulge in big meals. However, the support team was great with their constant emails and daily calls to check on how I was doing, giving me motivation to carry on with the cleanse plan. I did cheat but only according to the cheat sheet in the cleanse booklet provided. Not the easiest thing to complete but I conquered it and am proud that I no longer eat big heavy meals that are bad for my digestive system.”

- Lee


“Absolutely nutritious, delicious, wholesome, great service and I don’t feel hungry. Could even run my usual 10km in 40min without being tired and wanted to do more. I am working along side the cleanse with no difficulty as the guidelines are so easy to follow.”

- Cory


“My cravings are gone! I was having dinner with friends (a few days after finishing the entire cleanse) and they ordered stuff like tempura, truffle fries, cheeseburger etc. and I didn’t even have the urge to eat any of them. Instead I was happily munching on my Caesar Salad without dressing, ignoring all my favorite food right in front of me (which I believe is a thing of the past moving forward) and my friends thought I was a complete nutter. My body naturally stopped looking for fried and unhealthy food, and I find myself craving for plenty of greens, juices and fruits in my dietary meals. Beauty Cleanse you have won me over, I am now a convert.”

- Zelia Pereira


“I loved the juices!!! Your nut milk topped the list. Needed to have the toilet nearby for the first couple of days due to the colosan powder working its effects. At least all the years of accumulated garbage is now purged out of my tracts. I now possess a flatter tummy, reduced bloatedness and clearer skin. Already planning my next cleanse.”

- Min Yi


“Certainly a dream come true! Not only did I lose 8lbs, my energy level has also increased and I feel healthier than ever before. Thank you Beauty Cleanse for redefining my relationship with food and transforming my lifestyle.”

- Sherriann


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