Introducing the Beauty & Belle Playbook!

This lovely little booklet is a guide to help you achieve your wellness goals and reward you as you go along. There are 3 Journeys in the Playbook – Kick Starter, Calorie Burner and Balance. Each journey is designed to help you achieve specific wellness goals with different activities.

With the Beauty & Belle Playbook, wellness is not restricted only to eating healthily and exercising. It is about feeling good inside out, about physical and spiritual wellness.

Simply flash your gorgeous membership card when you visit our partners to enjoy your complimentary session or exclusive discounts.

Clock in activities such as spending quality time with your family or a day out with your girlfriends! Snap a picture, tag and hashtag #beautyandbelle and we will send you a sticker to complete your Playbook.

After you have finished all the activities and filled your Journey page with the Beauty Cleanse Stickers, contact us and your reward is on its way to you.




Kick Starter – $100 Cash Voucher

Calorie Burner – $100 Cash Voucher or $150 Travel Voucher of your choice

Balance – 1 Year Beauty and Belle Membership with all included benefits worth $678.


The Beauty and Belle Membership Program ($678) consists of 3 comprehensive 3-days cleanse programs, exclusive passes and special discounts to our partners – yoga, pilates, pole dancing, zumba, aesthetics and spa, the Beauty & Belle official Playbook and Membership Card.

For instalment options, please contact!

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Nutmylk lovers rejoice! Beauty Cleanse Nutmylk now comes in 6 different flavours, so you can keep indulging in your favourite Nutmylk passion. Perfectly crafted with passion, the richly, velvety swirls of our new Candyfloss Nutmylks will melt your heart into a yummy, calories-free puddle of love.

The Candyfloss Nutmylk series includes:

  • Black Sesame Nutmylk – Keep your hair and skin soft with this scrumptious twist to the traditional Asian dessert.
  • Marshmallow Nutmylk – Fall head over heels in love with this cute baby pink Nutmylk. Guaranteed to make you swoon with delight.
  • Green Tea Nutmylk – Matcha fanatics can now indulge in a full palette of smooth complex flavours that end in a silky finish.
  • Chocolate Nutmylk – Deliciously luxurious creamy chocolate flowing down your throat and sending tingles of pleasure through your entire body.
  • Coffee (decaf) Nutmylk – Calories be gone with the absence of sugar, milk and creamer! Let yourself be completely win over by this Nutmylk’s gorgeously crisp aroma and bright flavour!
  • Original Nutmylk – The original classic and your favourite before-bed comfort drink. Sweet dreams!

We are also proud to announce that this great-tasting line of Nutmylks is exclusively produced by our team. Yes, that’s right. We’re the first in the market with this collection of Nutmylks! These sweet and healthy treats are made with the finest and freshest organic ingredients, cold-pressed with our Norwalk Hydraulic Juice Extractor – perfect for you and your family. What’s more, they are entirely sinless and guilt-free, making them too delicious and healthy to say no to! Disclaimer: Dairy-free and gluten-free, all our Nutmylks are produced only from raw nuts and contains absolutely no trace of milk.